For presenters

Oral presentations

The chairs and speakers are expected to ensure that all presentations begin and finish punctually as scheduled.

Keynote Lecture: 35 min presentation + 5 min Q&A
Oral presentation: 20 min presentation + 5 min Q&A
Short talk: 12 min presentation + 3 min Q&A

Our staff will assist chairs and speakers by showing iPad with timer software. The remaining time for each presentation will be notified with bell signals as follows:

1 ring: One minute to the end of the presentation
2 rings: End of presentation - Start of discussion
3 rings: End of discussion - Time for next presentation

Technical requirements for your talk

1. Please bring your presentation in the latest version of the PowerPoint file in a USB memory. The slide desk is at the left front corner (near the podium) within the auditorium. Our staff will collect them before the session starts or during the preceding coffee break and make a copy on our computer (both mac and windows). Please operate the computer by yourself.

2. Alternatively, you can use your laptop. In this case, please ensure that your computer can connect with the monitoring system through either HDMI or VGA (D-sub 15 pin). If your computer does not have a connection, please bring an appropriate adaptor with you. Please be sure to bring an AC adaptor as well. Please note that the voltage in Japan is 100V and the frequency ranges from 50-60 Hz depending on the area (60Hz in Kyoto). The socket is type A, which has two flat plug holes. If your laptop is not convertible, transformers and/or plug adaptors are necessary. Please deactivate the screen-saver and power-saving modes of your laptop. Your laptop will be prepared on the podium for you to operate by yourself.

For Poster Presenters

1. Poster size: 90 cm x 160 cm (portrait) is the largest.
2. Please set up your poster when it is convenient for you. We suggest doing it before the session starts on March 2nd at 13:30. The venue Deli Café Tamago will open around noon (please note that lunch will not be served there on March 2nd and 4th). Push pins are available.
3. The posters will be shown on board until March 5th afternoon. There are two poster sessions: March 3rd (odd number) and March 5th (even number).
4. Please remove your poster before you leave the symposium venue. The organizer does not keep or return any of the posters left.